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A.L. Johnson Company has been in the prototyping business for many years, long before the term "rapid" became fashionable. We've seen the industry change, and no longer are one or two "hog out" prototypes sufficient. Today's Quick-to-market strategies demand multiple prototypes, not just to satisfy engineering's needs for fit and function, but dozens of pre-production units for marketing, distributors and prime customers.

Prototypes turn into pre-production, a perfect fit for A. L. Johnson's RPM process, rapid tooling that produces prototypes and pre-production castings until mass production tools are completed. When market potential does not justify the high cost of expensive dies, RPM tooling is capable of producing a continuing supply of castings.

Keep in mind that most of the rapid modeling devices are capable of producing shapes that might not be possible to reproduce in any type of molding technique because of undercuts (back draft), extremely thin sections, large open areas that would prevent metal flow from edges of the part, etc. Submit preliminary designs before proceeding to the production of models intended to be used as casting patterns.