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Intricate shapes in metal.
Prototypes and production from the same low cost, permanent tooling.
AL Johnson Company (ALJ) is a producer of precision aluminum and zinc castings and a pioneer in the use of the rubber plaster mold process since 1954. We service customers in a wide variety of leading technology industries such as biomedical, telecommunications, computer peripherals, guidance and navigation.

We are a one-stop shop with the ability to deliver your part complete to print.
ALJ's in-house services include:

Why use Rubber Plaster Mold castings?
Rubber Plaster Mold tooling costs a fraction of die cast tooling (See ALJ Advantages)
Unlike sand castings, Rubber Plaster Mold castings can include thin walls, close tolerances and better surface finishes.
Rubber Plaster Mold castings produce intricate designs, unlike costly hog outs.
Rubber Plaster Mold castings offer the same advantages as investment castings, but at a lower tooling and casting cost with a shorter lead time.

Whether the requirement is for quantities of 10, 50, 100 or 1000s, RPM is your choice because of:
Fast Turnaround
Easier Machining, Painting and Processing, Assembly

See our 2005 Casting of the Year Honorable Mention Award from Modern Casting.

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